1121 Basmati Rice

K.S. Overseas Pvt. Ltd. have emerged as one of the most successful exporters of basmati rice and other food products in India. Basmati Rice being one of the most famous and widely used staple worldwide is high in demand across the globe. We are known for quality and taste of the 1121 Basmati Rice supplied by us. It has made us the best 1121 basmati rice exporter.

In most of the countries around the world, basmati rice is a must to get that best culinary experience. But for that the best quality 1121 basmati rice is also required. One cannot go wrong with choosing the basmati rice produced by us, as we serve the quality desired by our customers. The rice grains produced by us have excellent length and are thin in size. After cooking also they look perfect due to their size, long grains, and their non-sticky texture which makes them different from other types of rice. At K.S. Overseas Pvt. Ltd., we carefully pick the batch of 1121 basmati rice to ensure that every batch of rice is of same quality. We have a well-constructed infrastructure equipped with several machines and latest technology that helps segregating broken rice grains with ease. Being a well-known 1121 Basmati Rice exporter & manufacturer, we always check the rice grains before they get packed for export. As we cater to the bulk requirement of basmati rice across the world, we source these from high & best quality 1121 basmati rice producers in India.

We know that a little difference in the taste or aroma of rice can leave our customers unhappy. That is why we take utmost precautions when picking up rice grains from those farmers. We deal with trusted farmers only and it is one of the reasons why we stand out among the several basmati rice exporters in India. As a reputed 1121 basmati rice exporter & manufacturer, we are approved by several food grade testing organizations and ISO for exporting the premium grade basmati rice. Our basmati rice is known to have that goodness of taste and richness which is rare to find elsewhere. 1121 basmati rice offers a great aroma after cooking which can easily tempt people.

The 1121 basmati rice supplied by K.S. Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is considered perfect to prepare multiple cuisines. For a fine dining experience, our 1121 basmati rice is the best among all. We export 100 percent authentic basmati rice without polishing it. The shelf life of this rice is more than the normal rice supplied by most exporters. Cooking this particular basmati rice doesn’t require any specific cooking techniques. One can cook it according to the cuisine they wish to prepare. We export the 1121 basmati rice by following every international trade protocol and we ensure that our customers get the right quality and quantity without any problem. We are known for our nominal prices across the world and that has made us popular 1121 basmati rice exporter & manufacturer.