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Atta Manufacturers in India

K.S. Overseas Pvt. Ltd. are one of the well-known producers of food products in India and Atta is one of them. Atta is one of the most consumed and most in demand food products and we are one of the best Atta manufacturers in India. We are capable of exporting Atta to multiple countries across the globe by producing optimum quality Atta. We ensure that we supply Atta for all your cooking needs that require different types of flours.

We are into the business of manufacturing Atta for several years and have satisfied all our customers with the quality we deliver. Our first and the foremost important step to produce premium quality Atta is to get the best quality grains. Be it the whole wheat Atta produced by us or the Bajra, Ragi, aur Jau atta, we produce them using the best technology. At K.S. Overseas Pvt. Ltd., we have a well-equipped Atta manufacturing unit where we manufacture Atta is bulk quantity. Our Atta is suitable for making different food items including the basic ones like Chapati, Paratha, Wheat Flour Bread, and other items. The use of pioneering technology in manufacturing Atta helps us produce 100 percent pure and clean atta. We have become of the largest Atta manufacturers in India by offering Atta in India as well as across the globe.

Before we process the grains for producing Atta, they are cleaned using advanced machines to obtain best quality Atta with no impurities. Being certified by ISO, GMP, and other renowned organizations, we always adhere to the guidelines that are a must for producing Atta in India. At K.S. Overseas Pvt. Ltd., we take complete responsibility of producing, packaging, and supplying Atta to multiple customers across the country.

Our Atta is low in gluten and it is one of the major reasons why it is most in demand. It is also rich in dietary fibers and is highly beneficial for all. Being one of the top atta manufacturers in India, we do not add any preservatives or additional flavouring substance in it. We supply Atta in different size packaging according to the requirement of different customers. The detail about Atta is written on the packaging to maintain transparency with our customers. We have prized our Atta nominally to make it available for all our customers with ease.